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well, firstly, i'm very sorry about my little anger bout earlier.

and secondly, some guy called alex keeps moaning at me to mention him on here.
don't worry, i won't.

this has probably been one of the lamest weekends ever, but since this journal is public i won't go into it.

now, for my 30in30 post number 4, i haven't given up on it yet.
even though, i sure feel like it. i mean, nobody really reads this journal.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ahh, my keys.
JMA and his brother JMA spain have both been my friends for a long time now, since i was 11 years old.
there have been times when i've shunned them away by accident, and boy did i regret it afterwards, standing outside my front door, cold, wet and lonely.
and then there's my good old friends the locker keys.
and darth vader?
how much safer can you get than your own personal sith lord?


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i bought this cunt of a phone a year ago because i thought it looked cool and it was cheap.
only the latter remains.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i think they are originally from ikea.
i found them in my house one day and kept them.
they have been good friends to be, but i haven't been a good friend back.
today i got angry and threw them at targets.
sadly i broke it's plastic.
green scissors, please forgive me if you're reading this.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is one of the more recent additions to the habitat that is my desk.
well i know several things about it for sure, it's all purpose, strong, clear and an adhesive.
it's also for everyday use all around the house.
if you sniff it your eyes go dizzy and your nose is left with a warm, fuzzy sensation.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ah, magic tape.
and when it says magic, it ain't lying.
this tape has it all: strength, scent and one hell of a colour.
sometimes if i'm feeling low i cut off a bit of tape and stick it under my nose, it's natural smell cheers me up every time!
and it's muscly fibres mean no more annoying sticky tape tangles.
and to top it all off, it comes in a sturdy dispenser whose zig zag tape cutters are as sharp as a woodman's axe.
magic tape, i love you.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

now, if you've ever been lucky enough to come into my room, you will have noticed this sign and made a comment about it.
and you may still even remember the story i told you about how i came about it.
well, here it is again:
once upon a time, way back in year 7, i was on a ferry to france.
the sign was just lying on a table, calling out to me, 'help, i'm over here, please take me.'
so i hid it in my pocket when no one was looking and we've been friends ever since.

now this sign is a bit of a mystery really, because it reads, ' for the comfort of all our guests...'
do i really deserve the title of a plural?
or maybe it's just a french sign whose bad at english?
and i'm not even a guest, nor do i mind smoking.
fishy ey?
maybe i have ghosts with sensitive lungs.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is the newest addition to my desk, which i found yesterday in my re book.
it's discovery pleased me immensely, since i recall thinking i'd lost it several months ago on the day of it's creation.
and the time i thought i'd lost it was very upsetting.
but not to worry, for i have it again, and what a drawing it is.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i bought this in germany since it was very cheap and i fell in love with it.
in my honest opinion, i think it's one of the only few good things to come out of germany since neukolln, little miss luzifer, electrocute, miss kittin, david bowie's heroes, and hitler.
everyone i know except a few hate it and don't see the attatchment.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

as i mentioned in item #8, very few good things have come out of germany.
but little miss luzifer is one of them.
and she was the one who knitted this fine bunny rabbit.
me and flopzi have been married since march, and very happy we are.



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'oh holy holy vicks stick stick from vicks.

in one nostril inhale.
oh the menthol fresh breeze cool release a whole new meaning of life.
a gift for the righteous holy holy from god.

i sit here religiously decongesting my unblocked nose.'

that was a poem dedicated to my vicks stick, that i wrote some while ago before i knew how to write poetry.
but i do love my vicks inhaler, and boy have we been through lots.
since year 8 he's been shoved up my nose, and he's fought in 3 colds.
what a legend.

and may the legend live on for ever more.
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On June 4th, 2005 04:41 pm (UTC), horrorshowz commented:
[User Picture]
On June 4th, 2005 04:42 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
* * *
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On June 4th, 2005 04:42 pm (UTC), stephanever commented:

i'm insulted at how you called me a nobody.

and if i was lame and had nothing better to do then i'd comment on all those things BUT I'M NOT. so i'm just going to say...

i never noticed that sign and you never told me that story :'(
[User Picture]
On June 4th, 2005 04:45 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
haha sorry.
next time you're round i'll even let you TOUCH it.
will you enjoy that?
[User Picture]
On June 4th, 2005 04:50 pm (UTC), stephanever replied:
yes :'( <--- tears of joy

and by "next time you're round" i hope you mean AS SOON AS POSSIBLE please.
[User Picture]
On June 4th, 2005 04:52 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
if you want, i'll bring it with me next time we meet up if we aren't meeting at my house.
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On June 4th, 2005 05:06 pm (UTC), stephanever replied:


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On June 4th, 2005 05:12 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
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On June 4th, 2005 05:16 pm (UTC), andaerialoves commented:
deers are my favourite animal
[User Picture]
On June 4th, 2005 05:17 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
thanks :D
* * *
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On June 4th, 2005 05:49 pm (UTC), recordz commented:
lol I have one of those nose inhalers
[User Picture]
On June 4th, 2005 05:51 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
they are the best
* * *
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On June 4th, 2005 10:04 pm (UTC), _generalsmuts commented:
I never commented on the sign, i love the deer, and you called me a nobody.

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On June 4th, 2005 10:05 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
* * *
On June 4th, 2005 10:07 pm (UTC), sheisthesailor commented:
loved this post, harry says hi xx
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On June 4th, 2005 10:37 pm (UTC), neukolln replied:
why thank you :)

* * *
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On June 5th, 2005 05:24 am (UTC), emd commented:
the hell they don't read. ive been talking to people who are also doing 30in30.. they think your really good!
[User Picture]
On June 5th, 2005 08:58 am (UTC), neukolln replied:
haha thanks.
* * *
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On June 5th, 2005 07:26 am (UTC), apoplecticfittz commented:
I fucking love that blue deer.

Also from Germany:

Christopher Fittz
[User Picture]
On June 5th, 2005 08:57 am (UTC), neukolln replied:
ok i'll add you to my mental list.
* * *
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On June 6th, 2005 05:40 am (UTC), emosnail commented:
group projects
hmm what a crafty plan. perhaps I'll use the idea for a post and highlight the arcane objects that inhabit by own room.

I think its kind of neat actually when multiple 30 in 30ers make the same kind of post. For example last year two of us (myself and incomple) made half-assed attempts to spend 24 hours in one place like apoplecticfittz (incomple spent liek a few hours in his car in a Borders parking lot. I counted the 11 hours I ahd to be on a train anyway -- the original post by fittz is one of the all time classic 30 in 30 stunts and should be reviewed). And a number of us came up with five proposals for TV serieses.. and there were some other things as well. It was fun.
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On June 6th, 2005 10:34 am (UTC), neukolln replied:
Re: group projects

well if anything thinks anything up and people want to do it then maybe it could be posted on heatherproject.com?
[User Picture]
On June 6th, 2005 06:26 pm (UTC), emosnail replied:
Re: group projects
I'll bring it up to Heather. But yeah, if one really wants to go for maximum hardcore points, 24 hours in one place is where its at.
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On June 6th, 2005 06:37 pm (UTC), emosnail replied:
Re: group projects
Here's the greenhouse entry I'm talking about. It looks like the pictures may no longer be working.
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